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He improves upon Hobbes' argument, however, by showing that we can establish morality without the external enforcement mechanism of the Sovereign. But so too are the critiques of such theory, which will continue to compel us to think and rethink the nature of both ourselves and our relations with one another.

Rather, we must reexamine our politics in general, from the point of view of the racial contract, and start from where we are, with full knowledge of how our society has been informed by the systematic exclusion of some persons from the realm of politics and contract.

We continue to believe, according to Mills, in the myths that social contract theory tells us - that everyone is Soc q, that all will be treated the same before the law, that the Founding Fathers were committed to equality and freedom for all persons, etc.

The State of Nature, although a state wherein there is no civil authority or government to punish people for transgressions against laws, is not a state without morality.

Justice, however, is more than simply obeying laws in exchange for others obeying them as well. Having argued that any rational person inhabiting the original position and placing him or herself behind the veil of ignorance can discover the two principles of justice, Rawls has constructed what is perhaps the most abstract version of a social contract theory.

In other words, Soc q contract, which claims to be in the interests of everyone equally, is really in the interests of the few who have become stronger and richer as a result of the developments of private property.

So, the State of Nature is a state of liberty where persons are free to pursue their own interests and plans, free from interference, and, because of the Law of Nature and the restrictions that it imposes upon persons, it is relatively peaceful.

Essays on David Gauthier's Morals by Agreement. More Recent Social Contract Theories a. For Rawls, as for Kant, persons have the capacity to reason from a universal point of view, which in turn means that they have the particular moral capacity of judging principles from an impartial standpoint.

Importantly, however, this relationship between citizens and the Laws of the city are not coerced. Gauthier, however, believes that rationality alone convinces persons not only to agree to cooperate, but to stick to their agreements as well.

Because no one has any of the particular knowledge he or she could use to develop principles that favor his or her own particular circumstances, in other words the knowledge that makes for and sustains prejudices, the principles chosen from such a perspective are necessarily fair.

Since in the State of Nature there is no civil power to whom men can appeal, and since the Law of Nature allows them to defend their own lives, they may then kill those who would bring force against them.

In other words, we cannot decide to forgo some of our civil liberties in favor of greater economic advantage. On the one hand he rejects the theory of the Divine Right of Kings, which is most eloquently expressed by Robert Filmer in his Patriarcha or the Natural Power of Kings, although it would be left to John Locke to refute Filmer directly.

Hobbes and the Social Contract Tradition.

Social Contract Theory

One implication of this is that the strong form of democracy which is consistent with the general will is also only possible in relatively small states. For example, if one does not know whether one is female or male in the society for which one must choose basic principles of justice, it makes no sense, from the point of view of self-interested rationality, to endorse a principle that favors one sex at the expense of another, since, once the veil of ignorance is lifted, one might find oneself on the losing end of such a principle.

He does this by imagining persons in a situation prior to the establishment of society, the State of Nature. Penguin Books Kavka, Gregory S. He does this by imagining persons in a situation prior to the establishment of society, the State of Nature. According to this view, then, political obligation is subsumed under religious obligation.

Contract, Ethics, and Reason. This is an actual contract, or series of contracts, made by real men of history. Contemporary Critiques of Social Contract Theory Given the longstanding and widespread influence that social contract theory has had, it comes as no surprise that it is also the objects of many critiques from a variety of philosophical perspectives.

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According to the terms of the marriage contract, in most states in the U. Some persons, in particular white men, are full persons according to the racial contract.

Given the implications of the Law of Nature, there are limits as to how much property one can own: Justice, Gender, and the Family.

Social Contract Theory

All men pursue only what they perceive to be in their own individually considered best interests - they respond mechanistically by being drawn to that which they desire and repelled by that to which they are averse. In such a position, behind such a veil, everyone is in the same situation, and everyone is presumed to be equally rational.

Some have property and others are forced to work for them, and the development of social classes begins. We, including all of our actions and choices, are then, according to this view, as explainable in terms of universal laws of nature as are the motions of heavenly bodies.

Their status as full persons accords them greater social power. The normative social contract, argued for by Rousseau in The Social Contractis meant to respond to this sorry state of affairs and to remedy the social and moral ills that have been produced by the development of society.

Hobbes has, first and foremost, a particular theory of human nature, which gives rise to a particular view of morality and politics, as developed in his philosophical masterpiece, Leviathan, published in Political society comes into being when individual men, representing their families, come together in the State of Nature and agree to each give up the executive power to punish those who transgress the Law of Nature, and hand over that power to the public power of a government.

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