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The domestic market has probably been affected more than international trade because export standards are higher than for goods sold in China. First, there was a mysterious spate of cat and dog deaths in the US this year that was later attributed to tainted pet food from China.

Kidney stones in infants started being reported in several parts of China in the past two years. The scandal though was not limited to Sanlu alone. In the harshest action so far, the country's former top drug regulator was executed in July for taking millions of dollars in bribes to approve substandard medicines, including an antibiotic that killed at least 10 people.

In a memo dated 11 August, Beijing-based public relations agency Teller International advised Sanlu to seek cooperation with major search engines to censor negative information.

Another recent side-effect has been restrictions imposed by Hong Kong authorities on the amount of milk powder mainland Chinese visitors are allowed to buy in the territory. Melamine itself is nitrogen-rich and is sometimes illegally added to food products to increase their apparent protein content.

In an attempt to quell concerns, the government said yesterday it was drawing up new safety rules for oral care products. Neither received definitive replies. But in most cases such information reached only a limited audience, in large part because of the agreement with Baidu.

It was not meant ironically.

2008 Chinese milk scandal

And more than 99 per cent of the vaccine samples tested by the Chinese drug regulator were up to standard. The health ministry sent investigators to Gansu in early August.

He and eight other traders, dairy farm owners and milk purchasers who bought the powder from him were arrested in early October, bringing the total to Quality tests can be falsified with additives: And while the melamine case caused widespread outrage and was seen by some as a turning point, there have been dozens of further examples since.

When she does have to shop, she puts safety above patriotism. Tao Lina, a doctor in charge of vaccination programmes with the Shanghai Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, also said penalties were too small.

China Recalls Tainted Leukemia Drugs

Even though they are not as fresh, I trust products from the US, Europe and Japan because those countries protect their environments.

Last summer, 11 people were killed by antibiotics that contained diethylene glycol, an industrial toxin. The incentive to cut corners became ever greater. Investigators also blamed the Shijiazhuang government.

As demand rocketed, the dairy industry has struggled to keep pace, relying on a poorly managed supply chain of thousands of small scale farmers, using low quality cattle feed, and selling their milk through countless independent and unregulated middle-men.

This was a gain on the previous year. Li Changjiang, the then Director of AQSIQ reassured the international community that all the food, including dairy products, was indeed safe. Media reassurances are unconvincing. Li Changjiang, the then Director of AQSIQ reassured the international community that all the food, including dairy products, was indeed safe.

The Story Behind China's Tainted Milk Scandal. Company feared going public with information as thousands of children were sickened. China’s tainted milk scandal laid bare some of harsher realities behind the country’s economic miracle – exposing the high price that can be exacted for entrenched, institutionalised corruption and inadequate oversight during times of rapid growth.

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Jul 25,  · China was the world’s second-largest health-care market in — worth $ billion, according to IQVIA, a health-care information company. It is also the biggest emerging market for pharmaceuticals with growth tipped to reach $ billion to $ billion by Author: Huileng Tan. The Chinese milk scandal was a widespread food safety incident in China.

One citizen voiced concern that President Ma Ying-jeou's promise for closer ties with China would bring in more tainted products to Taiwan. The Minister of the Department of Health.

Made in China: tainted food, fake drugs and dodgy paint

Chinese officials seize dairy material tainted with the toxic chemical melamine, a practice that killed six babies in InZhao Lianhai (赵连海), a Chinese man whose son was sickened by tainted milk earlier that year, started a website called "Home for the Kidney Stone Babies" (结石宝宝之家,, which helped families with children affected by tainted milk share their experiences, in part by maintaining a database of medical records.

China tainted
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