Brain drain has to be stopped

Jun 25, Yes, I completely satisfied that brain drain should be stopped because our country is developing if we use our brain for progressing our country then India will take leading position inworld. With this situation in which both the Indian brains and the foreign countries find the business lucrative and very satisfying how and why should it be stopped.

And I think its a selfishness of the people who studied here from the rest of their life and work for the other nation and paid taxes there. So why not instead of going to foreign countries. In reality, there is no brain lost for our country.

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So it will only be possible if proper facilities will be provided to them and will be granted all the things needed for country growth. Jan 4, Yes, brain drain has to be stopped, it's bane for India, and a boon for other developed countries, the best example is Indra Nooyi who is the CEO of PepsiCo.

If we try this, we may succeed in holding back at least a few of them, for helping us to develop India. Only due to them India is now glooming in the world.

As every year thousands of people are migratingd from one country to another this topic is worth to be discussed. Generally, brain drain occurs among the highly educated people, so my point of view is that they should understand that our govt has spent a lot for our education and we should do at least something for the sake of our motherland.

Now it's time of globalization. Many intelligent n intellectual students go abroad n serve for other countries, as they are not getting enough money for their talent here in India and moreover our government does not provide them good facilities, money n status that they can get in foreign countries.

This way I think the brain drain problem reduce in India. Sep 12, Simply brain drain means that a people educated from one country but beblnefit to others, the wmigration of highly train or educated qualifief people from a perticular country, if you want anything tearnt from her what you deserve, help to make a capable to earn.

Regarding the problem of how this brain drain can be stopped, the solution is not simple but yet it is not impossible. While they continue to go out we, the Indians will have to continue being happy with the fact that they have at least become a force to reckon with, and they get a lot of name and fame.

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Oct 22, Brain Drain should not be stopped because, I think that the qualified and skilled person mostly migrate to other countries due to lack of opportunities and jobs. To finish the poverty, Unemployment, many more problem we have to stop brain drain. How it's going to effect.

In my point of view, brain-drain is not a critical problem for our country because. This is the main reason they why India is still developing. Just have an objective that day of a common man goes undisturbed, they must be in a position to educate next gen,feed family, do the job.

Also, when the person is capable enough, i. Aug 3, According to me, brain drain is serious problem that is being faced by our country because 1. Politics involved in each and every phase. Essay on brain drain has to be stopped. novembro 28, Essay on brain drain has to be stopped. 5 stars based on 27 reviews Essay.

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Brain drain should be stopped

. Regarding the problem of how this brain drain can be stopped, the solution is not simple but yet it is not impossible. The Government must see that the working environment provided, and appreciation be.

Brain drain should be stopped. SEARCH. Brain Drain is an oft-heard expression used in India. This refers to the export, or going out of India of the Indian brains to different foreign countries.

We term it as a drain of the brains because, it is believed that, with the going. Brain Drain has to be stopped in order to utilize the human capital for the country's development.

Brain drain of one country is the brain gain of another country. To make reverse brain drain to stop brain drain, the initiatives that has to be taken are.

Nov 11,  · Because of Brain-Drain India is still remaining as developing country. Indians must utilize their knowledge and skills for India to make our India as developed country. If all Indians utilize their skills for India, India will be the top most developed country in.

Oct 06,  · Re: Brain-Drain Has To Be Stopped A lot of promising youngsters move to other countries for graduation or post graduation and end up settling there. This phenomenon of losing smart people to foreign countries is called Brain Drain.

Brain drain has to be stopped
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Brain Drain has to be stopped